New social media app for kids called LEGO Life.

LEGO Life – a safe social network for children by LEGO

Today, almost everybody is on social media networks and that includes children too. Parents are really concerned about their children using these social media networks because not everything present on these social media networks is appropriate for children. That’s why parents have always wished that there should be a social media network exclusively designed for the use of children.

Club Penguin, a virtual world for kids, just announced that its shutting down. But just a few hours after this sad news, we got some good news from Lego.

LEGO has just launched an Instagram-inspired social media network called LEGO Life designed exclusively for children under the age of 13.

LEGO has attempted to create a social media network that is safe for kids and where kids can share their LEGO creations and start LEGO conversations with other kids.

Children love building unique creations using LEGO bricks. Now it would be more fun for them because they would also be able to share their unqiue creations with other kids too by using the newly launched children-friendly social media app “LEGO Life”.

This LEGO-themed instagram comes with strict comment restrictions. That means you don’t need to worry much about your child learning and using slang/abusive words.

LEGO has also made sure to run only children-friendly ads on its app – all the ads will be regarding LEGO.

The best part is that LEGO Life will not encourage its users to post personal information and that includes personal real-life photos too. Children can customize their avatar according to their choices like changing the hairstyle, clothes, and other features. Children can’t even use their real names; the app suggests random 3 word usernames to its users so that they can choose the one they prefer the most.

LEGO Life is a completely children-friendly social media network and will probably receive good response from its target market.

LEGO Life is available for download in the following countries: Canada, UK, US, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

You can download LEGO Life for free on Android and iOS App stores.

What do you guys think of this new social media app? Does it have the potential to make it big in the app industry? Will you let your child use this app?

Comment down your views below. We would love to hear from you.

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