Must have Photoshop Resources for Web Designers

Collection of Photoshop Resources for Web Designers

Have you always admired or envied the bold and beautiful designs of some websites? You’ll be surprised to know that you too can create splendid web designs with your Photoshop and also earn from it!.

Yes, photographers and Instagramers no longer have the monopoly on Photoshop. Web designers are now utilizing it to create unforgettable web layouts, graphics, and interface.

Photo shop is a graphic and image editing application, however most people use it for image ‘manipulation’. Photoshop has been around for over twenty years now and since then; it has gained world-wide popularity – mostly among those working with images. The application, for now, is usable only on a Personal Computer, as its mobile version for android and iOS failed to prove its mark in the “smart” industry.

There are a million and one Photoshop resources out there to help you with your web design; some free & some paid.

Here is a one-stop-shop collection of Photoshop resources that can help you design a WOW website:


These resources offer tutorials and take a beginner on a step by step journey to becoming a Photoshop Stunner.

When you have questions about a creation, who best to ask? None other than the creator, of course!

Adobe has lots of resources related to its creation; this should be your first port of call.

While plans are still at the drawing stage, you can still interact with your audience and start making your mailing list by designing a ‘coming soon’ web page. PSD has a tutorial to teach you how to do just that.

Envato Tuts+ has an easy to understand tutorial that teaches you how to design a website from scratch with Photoshop.

Wegraphics has detailed step by step tutorial on creating a .PSD file and converting to HTML. The tutorial takes you from the drawing board to the landing board.

Looking for specialized tutorials for your website’s niche?

Check out Envato Tuts+ for how to design websites dedicated to mobile applications. Mahmoud Deiab from Envato Tuts+ teaches how to design websites for online shopping.

Photoshop Plus+ offers free tutorials on creating cool website for photographic themes, Photoshop Plus+ also has tutorials on designing websites for online magazines.

The sport lovers can learn from Wegraphics.

Six Revisions offers tutorials for designing a business focused website.

Scouting for extra creativity?

Six Revisions has just what you want, this tutorial will take you step by step to creating a watercolor based interface for your web design.

It’s rare to find a two page website as most websites are one page; here is a tutorial on creating a website page with Photoshop

After gliding through this beginner’s hallway, you can help yourself further with these wonderful tutorials posted by Suzanne Sacca on Elegant Themes. She especially covered the two new features of Photoshop’s latest update (CC 2015.5) face-aware liquefy and content-aware crop.

Other expert tutorials she mentioned covers bokeh effect, dispersion effect,  motion photo effect, comic bookify, double exposure, day into night, photorealistic icons, dramatic shadows, and text+background merge.


The reason they say we learn from our mistakes is because the previously much needed wisdom suddenly materializes during post-mistake reflections. I’m sure you would like to know tips that would save you from ‘Photoshop disasters’ when designing your website.

David Every and Dan Rose, of Creative Bloq share fifteen nuggets of wisdom they have acquired over time while designing a website with Photoshop.

An online magazine “Smashing” offers some tips which it calls etiquette that are necessary for a web designer using Photoshop, while these tips aren’t mandatory, they help in ensuring tidy and orderly work.


Photoshop files have a file extension known as .PSD (Photoshop Document), there is also another file extension that has more storage called .PSB (Photoshop Big). So any web design template created with Photoshop is usually saved as a .PSD file, for easy sharing locally or in cloud. A template created by one can be used by another.

Graphic fuel has a bundle of twenty already designed website templates for small business. With a small fee, you can download these ready to use templates.

Every month best psd freebies gives away bundles of templates for free.

FreePsd and PSD Freebies is another site that offers ready to use templates for mostly web designers and graphic designers.


These are adds-on that increase the functionality of Photoshop and further enhance great web designs.

Smashing Magazine offers a wide range of resources for plugins and filter.

Informations on Adobe Photoshop plugins can be found here.


1: Tuts+

2: Smashing Magazine (an online magazine)

3: Six Revisions

4: Adobe TV

5: Astro TV

6: Naldz Graphics

7: Abduzeedo

8: Hongkiat

9: Design Beep

10; UX Magazine


I hope that these resources will help you while using Photoshop for your web design needs.

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