Best Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Best Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

What if you’re just 16? Being young is not a good excuse for not starting a business; it’s a plus point!

Many youngsters have a knack for being energetic which plays a great role in starting a business.

When you’re young, you don’t have many responsibilities. You don’t need to worry about paying the bills and running a household. You can shift all your focus to your new startup and work on making your business idea successful. If you’re still not convinced, read out the following points:

a) Youngsters have the ability to learn new things easily as compared to the older generation. So it’s better to start thinking about creating a business so that you can figure out which skills you’re lacking and which skills you need to learn. This is just the right time to polish up your skills.

b) Today’s generation is more connected and is usually more active on social media so youngsters don’t really have to struggle much with learning social media marketing skills.

c) If I asked you to start a business some 10 years back, I would have happily accepted your refusal to start a business at a young age because technology was not too advanced at that time. But now, we’re in 2016. We live in an era where Uber has driverless cars, Amazon has drones and heaps of useful information can be accessed in seconds within just a few clicks! Basically, mostly everything that you need in order to come up with a business idea and execute it is just a few clicks away.

d) If your excuse is “I’m in High School, I have my studies, there’s no way I can think of starting a business! I just don’t have enough time”, then let me tell you that there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who have come up with phenomenal business ideas and have managed to execute those ideas successfully while completing their studies. Take Mark Zuckerburg’s example. He founded Facebook at the age of 19 while studying in Harvard University. If he can do it, why can’t you?

Remember, it’s just never too late or too early to start a business. Never wait for the right time. NOW is the right time! You just need to make up your mind, make smart moves and stay motivated and confident.

Best Business Ideas

To make your journey to be an entrepreneur easy, we have listed down the best business ideas below which you can consider working on if any idea sparks your passion. The ideas listed below can be started on a part-time or a full-time basis, depending on how much time you can invest to your startup. 

1: Develop a Killer Android or an iOS app

Best Business Ideas
Best Business Ideas – Develop an Android or an iOS App

Skills Required:

For developing an Android App: Basic Java Knowledge, Understanding of XML, Android SDK, MySQL Database, UX/UI Design Skills, Working with APIs

For developing an iOS App: Cocoa touch frameworks, Objective C or Swift Programming Language, Apple HIG, XCode, iOS developer tools, UI Kit

The idea: You might be aware that the app business is booming these days. People love downloading apps. You won’t believe that around 30million apps are downloaded every day. So why not start an app business?

If you’re a tech-savvy person and love to keep up with the latest technology news then this is undoubtedly the best option for you. Think of a unique app that will stand out from others and then start developing it. Not all the apps make good money but as long as you’re introducing something new in the market and using the right strategies, your app will definitely make you good money and who knows? Your app could be the next million dollar app, you just need to stay motivated and should keep trying even if you fail the first time.

If you don’t have the skills required to develop an Android or an iOS App, then there’s nothing to worry. Everything that you need to learn in order to build an app is available online. You can find both paid and free tutorials on the internet. Just watch those tutorials and start implementing what you have learnt. Stay focused and say to yourselfI am not going to quit unless I make my app idea work”.

Capital Required: If you’re going to develop it yourself then you just need a good internet connection and a laptop. You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $25 for publishing your app to Google Play Store. If you want to publish your app to the Apple Store, then you’ll have to sign up as an Apple Developer which will cost you $100/year.

2: Start selling on eBay

Start Selling on eBay
Best Business ideas – Start selling on eBay

Skills Required: Basic Marketing Skills, writing compelling content for product descriptions, basic product photography skills

The idea: If you’re the kind of person who has always wanted to open a clothing store or any other kind of store then setting up an online store on Ebay would be fun for you. You can sell both old and new products on Ebay. From clothes to used iPhones, you can sell almost anything on eBay for a profit. You can either list your products for sale with a fixed price or put them up for auction.

Finding a profitable niche is highly important if you want your eCommerce business to be successful. Research which products sell the most and then offer those products for sale on your eCommerce website. You can also search for unwanted things around your house and sell them on eBay. If you’re good at designing, then you can also offer your own products too and sell them for a profit. Just remember that the products that you offer should have a good consumer demand.

Capital Required: A laptop, a good internet connection, $100 for buying products for resale (I would recommend that you should first invest only $100 for buying products for resale. Once you make some profit, you can then re-invest a portion of that profit back to your business to buy further products for resale).

Sell Web Development Services

Start a Web Development Business
Best Business Ideas – Start a Web Development Business

Skills Required: Programming, Layout Designing, SEO, Basic Knowledge of common security threats, Ability to keep learning more, WordPress Development is a plus point.

The idea: If you’re a University student taking a web-development course or plan to become a web developer in the future, then this is the ideal business idea for you. Start offering web development services, but how do you get clients? Clients are going to approach you if they see that you are a professional web developer. To make your clients realize that you’re a professional web-developer, think of a good domain name for your web-development company, register your domain and build your company’s website on it. Set up your business email and then start sending out cold-emails to people that you think would be interested in using your services. Along with this, you can also try and market your company through word of mouth. Ask your friends to tell their family and friends about your web-development services.

You can also offer your web-development services on various freelancing websites like Freelancer, Elance, oDesk etc. Working on these freelancing websites will help you create more clients. 

Capital Required: A computer, a good internet connection, around $10 for buying a domain, approximately $50 for shared web-hosting, Basic WordPress Development skills (if you want to develop your website yourself)

Start offering Social Media Marketing Services

Start a Social Media Marketing Company
Best Business Ideas – Start a Social Media Marketing Company

Skills Required: Good marketing skills, Basic SEO skills, content writing skills

The idea: Today, almost everybody uses social media websites.  Many brands and businesses use social media to market their services and products. The young generation is especially more active on social media. So it’s best for youngsters to start offering social media marketing services as they usually have a good understanding of how social media is used for marketing and promotion.

Creating a website of your own will make you look like a proper marketing company. Set up your business email and start sending out cold emails to businesses and brands that you think would be interested in using your services. If you can’t afford to hire a developer then it is best to start creating the website yourself using It’s super easy. You can also offer your services on freelancing websites like Freelancer, Elance, oDesk, Fiverr etc to get more clients and experience.

Capital Required: A computer, a good internet connection, around $10 for buying a domain, approximately $50/year for shared web-hosting

Start tutoring

Start tutoring
Best Business ideas – Start tutoring

Skills required: Good communication skills, Patience, good interpersonal skills, Listening skills, Self-confidence, you should be good at the subjects you’re offering tuition for.

The idea: If you’re good at a particular subject and like to teach and guide people then starting a tutoring business would be easy and interesting for you. There has always been a high demand for good tutors so if you’re good at some subjects, why not utilize that knowledge?

First determine the age groups you will be tutoring and the subjects you’re going to offer tuitions for. You can also increase the number of tutors by asking your siblings, family and friends to join you. To get your first clients, you’ll need to market your tutoring company by posting ads in local newspapers, Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups and websites like Classified Ads.

To reach more clients, it’s best to create a website for your tutoring company and offer online tuitions to students from all around the world.

Capital Required: Around $50 for posting promotional ads on local newspapers. If you plan to create a website of your company, you’ll need: A computer, a good internet connection, around $10 for buying a domain, approximately $50/year for shared web-hosting,

All the above mentioned business ideas are very easy to implement. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start your entrepreneurial journey. You just need to invest some time into your business and work hard until you make it big.

Everyone has great ideas but only a few people work on those ideas and make them successful. Don’t let anything come in between you and your dreams. If you really want to do something, break the barriers and start doing what you have always wanted to.

You might have thought of starting a business at some point in your life, let us know your best business ideas in the comments section below.

What do you think of the business ideas mentioned above? Would you like us to add anything? Leave a comment below. 

If you need to ask us anything or need any kind of help/guidance, kindly leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to help/guide you.


  1. I agree that being young shouldn’t stop you from doing things! I’m still in college but am pursuing other things on the side, great read!

  2. We all need a little help getting ideas. I love the ideas you have here. We totally need to do the research for business ideas for young entrpreneurs.

  3. Interesting ideas! I think a lot of kids these days want things just to fall into their laps, but there will always be the go-getter of the group who will make things happen instead.

  4. It is so true that it’s so much easier for younger people to create a start-up for the reasons you stated, i.e. less financial responsibilities. All of the ‘Best Business Ideas’ are so on point as well, all could be very lucrative!

  5. My niece is in High School and she has a side hustle where she teaches senior citizens how to set up and use social media like Facebook and Twitter so they can stay connected to family members. She teaches in small groups that pay her each week.

    1. Wow, this is so awesome! This “side hustle” is definitely going to benefit your niece in the long run!

      Thanks for liking our post and sharing your views! Really appreciate it!

  6. It awesome how many opportunities there are available to make money online now…something our grandparents probably couldn’t even imagine. Perfect for homebodies like me! 🙂

  7. This is a great list for encouraging young people to engage in entrepreneurship! I particularly liked the idea of tutoring – this is something a teen could implement pretty easily just by getting the word out at school.

  8. Great suggestions on how to get young entrepreneurs on the business train. I agree that being young is not a reason you can’t accomplish things. Just set your mind to it and get a plan. These are some great ideas for getting it going.

  9. I’m 25, do I count as a young person? Anyway, a lot of these things I have considered doing and I do see a lot of younger people in these industries. Thanks for the information!

    1. haha, yes! Age just doesn’t matter much! Motivation and dedication is what matters the most! Thanks for your comment!

    1. Age is just a number! Age really doesn’t matter when it comes to entrepreneurship!
      I know this post is for young entrepreneurs, but it’s not a must that only young people can work on these ideas. People like you have more experience and know the world better than youngsters, so working on these business ideas won’t be difficult for you too. All you need is motivation and dedication!

  10. Developing the next great app would be dream come true. You’re so right to inspire dreaming here. You never know what will be popular. If someone suggested years ago that Pokemon Go would be a craze no one would have believed. An app that has you wondering around for points? But it’s a world wide phenomena now. Anyone could come up with the next app that scores millions.

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