Apple is working on a bunch of AR features, reports Bloomberg

Apple is working on a bunch of AR features, reports Bloomberg

We all know how much Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admires AR technology. His admiration for AR technology has been giving rise to speculations that Apple might be experimenting with augmented reality.

Bloomberg has finally spilled some beans on this matter.

According to Bloomberg’s latest report by Mark Gurman, Apple is reportedly planning to add augmented reality features in the next iPhone. Along with this, Apple is working on a dedicated set of AR glasses too.

The report describes some of the features that are currently in the works:

“Apple is working on several AR products, including digital spectacles that could connect wirelessly to an iPhone and beam content—movies, maps and more—to the wearer. While the glasses are a ways off, AR features could show up in the iPhone sooner.

One of the features Apple is exploring is the ability to take a picture and then change the depth of the photograph or the depth of specific objects in the picture later; another would isolate an object in the image, such as a person’s head, and allow it to be tilted 180 degrees. A different feature in development would use augmented reality to place virtual effects and objects on a person, much the way Snapchat works.”

Adding augmented reality features is certainly not an easy task and would require a pool of talented tech-savvy people.

“Apple has also recruited people with expertise in everything from 3D video production to wearable hardware. Among them, the people say: Cody White, former lead engineer of Amazon’s Lumberyard virtual reality platform; Duncan McRoberts, Meta’s former director of software development; Yury Petrov, a former Oculus researcher; and Avi Bar-Zeev, who worked on the HoloLens and Google Earth”, as reported by Bloomberg.

If reports are to be believed, Apple is also about to launch a new iPhone this fall. According to some rumors, the new iPhone, together with AR will come with a lot of other features too. These include wireless charging, an all screen design and an increase in battery life.

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